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5D Unity Consciousness


5D Unity Consciousness Course explores the nature of Duality and how to achieve unification. The Separation Principle is the process of fragmentation (departicularization) that perpetuates individuation from Oneness. Unity in the form of wave-particles will fragment to create Duality. Within the Mirror Effect, matter is crystalized spirit made manifest. The path of Ascension and Soul Actualization requires neutralizing the opposing forces of polarity within the biofield to eliminate separation consciousness. Ego separation creates feeling deprived and punished, which devolves into Victim Mentality. Learn how to evolve beyond Spiritual Narcissism that celebrates the “self” above all else.

Mindfulness, with roots in Buddhism and Taoism, helps shift your focus away from the internal mental dialogue, into the quiet stillness that exists in the NOW moment. When accessing the zero point field within the Quantum Vortex, you develop a more conscious channel (low to zero power energy) in a selfless state. The 5th dimension is a 'feeling field' we access with an open heart chakra pulsing in Love vibration. Quantum Access® is the universal technology that provides the mechanics to accelerate and bend spacetime…expanding awareness beyond the physical world.

As you reach more accelerated energy frequencies, you start to live and breathe and perceive your interconnectivity with your Higher Self and the quantum field in 5D unity consciousness 5D Unity Consciousness Course includes eBook, Workbook of Protocols, video training and audio activations.

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