6 reviews for Clear Energy Field

  1. Sherry Hicks

    Fantastic I am so excited to have this important work under my belt! LOVE and Gratitide!

  2. Manette Mays

    A very concise course on one of the most important steps to spiritual health and hygiene.

  3. Marie Knapp (verified owner)

    The Clearing Energy Field is my favorite course so far. Using this course twice a week for a month to show me where my stuck energy was & how to release it is beyond words. I clear my energy every week to keep it clean and am uplifted every time I complete it. So grateful Meg!

  4. Pia

    I LOVE your course and this work Meg!!!

  5. Diane

    I recently took my first course in your “Quantum Access Academy.” It was spot on. I thought, “If somebody wanted a golden key to Ascension right now, complete with full instructions, this is IT!” BLESS YOU, THANK YOU, dearest Meg. Thank you for coming to Earth at this time to share your wisdom and love in such a boundless, generous way. Thank you for making it affordable for families and individuals who are facing current financial challenges. What a diamond-light explosion of joy it is to do this work. I feel lighter every day. (Thank you, dearest Metatron! And All who are assisting us in The Great Turning of Mother Earth and Humanity. “We’re doin’ it!”)

  6. Jeanette

    So appreciate the Clear Field Energy course Meg. I’ve been using the audio with some customizing commands every morning since the solar energies/flares have been shifting these past 6 days. It is so helpful.

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Clear Energy Field

(6 customer reviews)


Clear Energy Field Course will teach you how to clean and clear your energy field, establishing a protective auric container of light. Learn the healing Protocols clear the Matrix simulation and mental programming, clear trauma and toxic sludge, chord cutting, clear energetic blockages and barriers, remove astral entity violation, repair auric tears and perform energetic clean up. Learn how to build clear discernment and maintain clean psychic channel. The Clear Energy Field Course is an essential Course in Quantum Access® daily Spiritual Practice.

The Clear Energy Field Course includes:

  • Clear Energy Field eBook Training Manual
  • Clear Energy Field WorkBook of Healing Protocols
  • Clear Energy Field Video Training
  • Clear Energy Field Audio Activations

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