Communicate with Higher Self Webinar


In the Communicate with Higher Self Webinar you will learn how to open communication with your Higher Self, activate the psychic right brain, and clear the 3rd Eye chakra and pineal antenna. Meg will show you how to replace ego unconscious with Soul’s superconsciousness. When activated, the pineal microcrystal stargate creates a communication network with the higher planes of consciousness. The empath sensory antennas operates like a human radio station, dialed to the Soul’s unique signature frequency. Learn how to clear and open your chakra channel, activate your etheric neural network and communication with Higher Self.  Webinar duration 3 hours.


Within the sacred spiral of life, Quantum Access® awakens your divine communication with Spirit! In the Communicate with Higher Self Webinar, Meg will teach you the steps to open communication with your Higher Self.

  • Learn how to Increase brainwave frequency, metabolize crystalline light, activate 3rd Eye and pineal antenna stargate
  • Clear and remove energetic veils, blockages, frequency fences and subconscious programming
  • Learn how to quiet the ego unconscious and attune to Soul superconsciousness
  • Activate your empath antennas with the inner sensory body dialed to the Soul’s signature frequency
  • Learn how to lock onto the Soul’s radio station as your internal communication network with Higher Self.

Communicate with Higher Self Webinar includes Training presentation, interactive Q&A, and guided Quantum Access Protocols and Activations. Webinar duration 3 hours.


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