Healing Shadow Self Webinar


Accelerate your personal transformation with the Healing Shadow Self Webinar In order to become whole, healthy, complete beings, we must identify and acknowledge hidden, unconscious shadow aspects and compassionately accept, heal and integrate lost fragments. By ignoring our baser nature, the narcissism of the Ego and the complete lack of Soulful connection, we are operating in a world of emotional and spiritual bankruptcy. In the Healing Shadow Self Course you will learn how to heal and transmute egoic shadow so you can live as a Divine Human. Webinar duration 4 hours.


Shadow Work involves bringing the hidden layers into conscious awareness, acceptance and forgiveness. It is a process of illumination, compassion and integration. Healing the Shadow Self involves continual healing, clearing, mending and repairing the energy field of all discordant interference preventing Soul embodiment and an abundant flow of life force.

Within the sacred spiral of life, Quantum Access® brings all shadow into the alchemical Light!

Healing Shadow Self Webinar will teach you the steps to:

  • Identify hidden aspects, ego persona, human fragments, stuck trauma and pain for healing
  • Clear and remove unconscious programming, core wounding, ancestral patterning and sabotaging behavior
  • Discover the root cause of addictions - break free of Codependency, symbiotic relationships, and escapism
  • Learn how to replace ego unconscious with Soul’s superconsciousness
  • Spin in the timeless Quantum Vortex to trace the symptom, condition or distorted shadow, pattern and root cause, to clear out the entire network throughout all time
  • Learn how to master the lower magnetic drag of ego personality, fear, judgment, and separation – maintain a higher frequency state of inner calm, an open heart, forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others. From this exalted state, you are now capable of living an authentic expression of your Soul truth, gifts and destiny

Healing Shadow Self Webinar includes Training presentation, interactive Q&A, and guided Quantum Access Protocols and Activations. Webinar duration 4 hours.



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