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Quantum Vortex Power


Discover Vortex Power! Start your day with the Quantum Access® Meditation to get grounded and connected with Soul Presence. Learn how to activate Metatron’s Cube and accelerate your personal ascension. Meg will guide you through the healing Protocols to balance polarities, establish zero point, activate your own stargate and Merkaba Torus. Encoded within Metatron’s Cube are the 5 Platonic Solids and Star Tetrahedron (Merkaba) that act as the internal organizational structures of molecules in natural crystals. When activating Metatron’s Cube it will open and extend the spinning anticlockwise Quantum Vortex around the body and energy field. The accelerated spin momentum unlocks gravity, opens the chakra pillar and breaks the barrier between the physical and non-physical worlds. The Quantum Vortex is the cosmic tool for alchemical transformation and personal Ascension.The Quantum Vortex Power Course is the 2nd Foundational Course in Quantum Access® Training.

The Quantum Vortex Power Course includes:

  • Quantum Vortex Power eBook
  • Quantum Vortex Power WorkBook
  • Quantum Vortex Power video training
  • mp3 Audio Activations

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