Sirian-Lemurian Lineage Webinar


Join Quantum Healer and New Earth Wayshower, Meg Benedicte, in her Sirian-Lumerian Lineage Webinar.  The Webinar Video includes presentation on the Sirian-Lemurian lineage, Meg’s personal history with Sirian Elders and the Lemurian – Mount Shasta connection, Q&A segment, plus ‘Live’ Sirian-Lemurian Activations with AA Metatron in the Quantum Vortex. Webinar duration 2 hours.


The Sirians Starseed Elders are assisting Gaia’s ascension. For those with Sirian/Lemurian bloodline code and timelines, you may experience light communication and cellular memory activations. The infusion of the Sirian Blue Ray consciousness helps uplift and enlighten humanity. The ancient Elders of Sirius influenced the birth and glory of Lemuria, Zep Tepi Egypt and Mayan/Incan civilizations on Gaia. It is said that all great avatars originated from Sirius, the brightest star in our heavens. Sirius has always been a spiritual prototype for earth and played an important part in earth’s early evolution.

In the Webinar Video Activations, you will receive the powerful Sirian Blue Ray transmissions of heart-centered living in harmony and balance. Sirius is the prototype for the Ascended Gaia. The Lemurian template dwells within all of us – it is embedded in the human hybrid DNA. The Sirian Blue Ray awakens the sacred geometry technology of your crystalline Light Body for Ascension. Webinar duration 2 hours.



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