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  1. Nicholas Enyart (verified owner)

    When I first heard Meg speak in an interview, she spoke with such familiarity. Following her guidance to this Zep Tepi Alchemy Course has provided such a strong foundational understanding for preparation in my courses with Quantum Access. This is a MUST HAVE. I now have a strong conceptual knowledge in practicing the meditations that follow this course. 10 out of 10! Thank you Meg!

  2. Marie Knapp (verified owner)

    Megs courses are out of this world! I’m so grateful she put these courses together. Thank you Meg for giving us courses that make sense & truly work wonders!

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Zep Tepi Alchemy

(2 customer reviews)


Join Meg Benedicte for a Spiritual Immersion in the ancient Art of Alchemy dating back to Zep Tepi Mystery Schools in Egypt. Zep Tepi is the ancient Egyptian tradition of Alchemy dating back to pre-dynastic time. Students of alchemical principles in the ancient Mystery Schools were introduced to the secret wisdom and became masters of Zep Tepi– the hidden mysteries of Creation (genesis). Zep means ‘time’ and Tepi means ‘first’.

Zep Tepi Alchemy is the ancient method of activating the vacuum dynamics within the Quantum Vortex, where positive and negative energy collides to destroy matter and recreate new. Zep Tepi Alchemy provides users access to the untapped power of Zero Point energy, the source of Creation (genesis) in our Universe, and the secret Sirian technology required to shift gravitational fields and particulate matter. Over the years Meg Benedicte has developed, refined and time-tested the transformational method of Zep Tepi Alchemy and now teaches the technique to students all around the world. Zep Tepi Alchemy is the Starter Course in Quantum Access® Training.

The Zep Tepi Alchemy Course includes an eBook and audio Initiation meditation. The audio Initiation was recorded during the powerful cosmic gateway in a 'live' global event on November 11, 2011. Embedded within the Initiation is the divine 'rights of passage' for all initiating their crystalline Soul Light Body and Ascension process as a Master Alchemist.

  • Zep Tepi eBook
  • mp3 Audio Initiation Activations

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