Are You Feeling Called to Advance Your Spirituality to the Next Level?


Accessing the next level of Spiritual Mastery can feel discouraging when you are ready to go all in but feel like all the modalities you’ve already tried just aren’t getting the results you desire.

Are you ready for the quantum leap? Do you want to take this journey with me?

I’m leading a monthly MasterMind Think Tank, a private Membership with cutting edge quantum techniques. I’ve been playing and creating in the quantum field for 30 years and still discovering the secrets of transfiguration.

​The Quantum Access® method helps those who are feeling like they haven’t fully tapped into their fullest potential to access Spiritual Mastery.

I started my monthly Mentoring Membership Program to share with you everything you need to know. Join a soul-led, heartfelt community dedicated to Spiritual Mastery, Soul Purpose and Becoming a Divine Human in the New Earth! 

Let’s talk about Spirituality… and in particular,
why you are seeking to attain Spiritual Mastery?


  • Are you newly Awakened to Spirituality and looking for additional skills, tools and practical steps to go deeper and farther?

  • Have you been on the Spiritual Path for years, but still struggle with feeling disconnected and disempowered, not quite attaining what is out-of-reach?

  • Are you experiencing barriers, blockages or challenges in life that lead to feeling stuck, apathetic or neglectful of your spiritual development?

  • Or have you taken numerous courses and webinars with leading spiritual teachers, but know in your heart there is so much more?

How Would It Feel To… 


              • Receive regular mentoring expertise from a leading Ascension Teacher and Quantum Healer

              • Discover proven steps and protocols that activate deeper spiritual connection and intuition

              • Advance your spiritual development to the quantum level

              • Join a vibrant supportive tribe of spiritual ninjas

Why Work with Me?

Many of my clients and students at the Quantum Access® Academy have been requesting additional mentoring, training and belonging to a spiritual community. Since my personal Awakening in 1994, I’ve devoted my time, focus, energy and daily life to my Spiritual Practice and Ascension process. It is time to share these proven Ascension steps and protocols to all who are ready and receptive for my guidance, knowledge and expertise.  


I am drawing from my personal experience:


  • Working closely with AA Metatron for 30 years channeling and teaching his Ascension method, Quantum Access®
  • Dedicating the past 25 years working in 1-1 client healing sessions 
  • Running a successful Spiritual Mentoring Membership for 10 years from 2008 – 2018 
  • Since 2019, creating the Quantum Access® Academy with a comprehensive library of Spiritual Training Courses, Protocols and Videos
  • Offering Online Training in Webinars and Master Class Workshops 
  • Leading monthly Spiritual Mentoring and Global Activations for over 12 years with my co-host, Manette Mays since 2011

Zep Tepi Divine Human Activations


In April 2023, I traveled to Egypt to fulfill my Soul purpose as a galactic gatekeeper. Working closely with AA Metatron, we opened the ancient Zep Tepi gateways at the Sphinx, Great Pyramid of Giza, Temple of Isis at Philae, Horus Temple at Edfu, and the original Zep Tepi Osirion Temple in Abydos.

Zep Tepi originated thousands of years ago as the First Time of the Golden Age of Alchemy. Along with the Angelic Guardians, the 12 Root Races joined together to seed a new divine human composed of 12 crystalline strands of cosmic genetic material. Many thousands of years ago, creator gods walked upon planet earth and birthed alive a new consciousness, seeded from the stars.

At the Temple of Horus in Edfu, Egypt, the cosmological records are described as being from divine ancestry. The Wall of Hieroglyphs refers to the ancient Book of Sages, mentioning Thoth and prehistoric mythological origins of sacred domains. So much is hidden in plain sight, calling us forward to unlock the key to ancient origins.

My Soul assisted during the original seeding and carries the keycodes to open the ancient Zep Tepi gates again. There is so much to see and learn from our ancient galactic ancestors. We are here at this particular time, in the cosmic wheel of alchemy to restore the full capacity of the star seeded divine human. I will include Zep Tepi Activations in my monthly Membership Mentoring.


If you are feeling drawn to initiate the Divine Human within you, this Membership is designed for you!



I have been studying with Meg Benedicte as one of my primary spiritual guides for over ten years now, and have found her to share the most advanced, clear, and grounded information/practical experience on Ascension available today. Not only does she thoroughly explain the process so my mind can understand, even utilizing concepts of quantum physics, she offers very perceptible guided Spiritual Activations, where my spirit and heart can fully advance. And her training is current for what’s happening right now on the planet.
– Debra Giusti, Entrepreneur of Transformational Businesses 

Thank you, Meg, for all your work over all the years and all the love you put into it.  Thank you for the opportunity to come together and co-create the New Earth.  What I want to express is truly beyond words.  The difference that you make, the possibility and potential that is born from what you do and give, thank you!

– Athena 

The Ascending Spiral
MasterMind Membership Program has three options:

Tier 1: Spiritual Mastery Mentorship

Monthly ‘Live’ Mentoring Zoom Webcast with Quantum Access® Activations plus Members Q&A. All shows are recorded for replay. Hosted by Meg Benedicte & Manette Mays
Minimal Monthly Fee $19

Tier 2: Spiritual Mastery Online Program

Self-Study Online Mastery Program allows you to learn at your own pace in your own sanctuary. Full Access to monthly online courses plus library archive.

Receive monthly online training, multi-media courses, eBooks, Protocols workbooks, tools & exercises, video mentoring, and powerful Quantum Access® audio activations.
Monthly Fee $39 

Tier 3: VIP Multi-Media Spiritual Mastery Mentoring Program

Full package including monthly ‘Live’ Zoom Mentoring Webcast plus Self-Study Online Mastery Program, Ascending Spiral Community Chat Group, plus special discounts on events/products
VIP Monthly Fee $59 

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