Inner Child Healing Webinar


In the Inner Child Healing Course, you will learn how to heal and integrate all aspects of SELF, including the wounded Inner Child aspect. The Inner Child aspect has been disconnected, split out, traumatized and in need of acceptance, loving compassion, nurturing healing and integration. As we embrace our Inner Child, we increase an inner sense of safety and creativity, joy and health. Webinar duration 2.5 hours.

The Inner Child Healing Webinar is devoted to those who experienced some life-altering childhood trauma requiring healing attention. Everyone deserves to live a life of joy and abundance, free of debilitating trauma. Within the sacred spiral of life, Quantum Access® brings all into the alchemical Light! The Inner Child Healing Webinar will teach you the steps to:

  • Identify and connect to your Inner Child aspect with loving compassion, conscious awareness and new healthy habits of self-care.
  • Feeling is Healing! Due to deep wounding, most abused adults do not have the capacity to manage intense painful emotions on their own. The Quantum Vortex accelerates the clearing process with ease.
  • Discover how exposure to ritual trauma impairs the immune system, nervous system and hormone system, increasing adverse health outcomes including depression, hypertension, autoimmune disease, illness and premature mortality.
  • Core Wounds from early childhood trauma are buried deep in the subconscious cellular memory, morphic field and akashic records. As children we start to block painful experiences, as the trauma eventually becomes stuck, toxic energy in the human energy field. Examples of childhood core wounds include abandonment, neglect, violation, shame, guilt, blame and distrust.
  • Focus on becoming a ‘nurturing and protective parent’ for your Inner Child aspect. As the higher, wiser Self, you commit to care and provide for your Inner Child’s physical, emotional, creative and spiritual needs.
  • A regular spiritual practice is an investment in your health and well-being. Start to connect within to Soul presence, create a safe, loving, stable inner environment and core strength for the deep trauma work.
  • When the child cannot manage the traumatic event, they begin to adopt unhealthy coping behavior to avoid, deny or erase the traumatic pain: including People-Pleasing, Perfectionism, Symbiosis, substance abuse, and bypassing. Learn how to let go of sabotaging coping mechanisms and develop new habits of self-care, inner balance and resilience.
  • Learn how to utilize the timeless Quantum Vortex to trace the symptom, condition or distorted pattern and locate the root cause to clear out the entire network throughout all time.
  • Heal the Inner Child’s core wounds and trauma so your original child essence can awaken vitality and exuberance within. Through this process you reconnect and ignite your Inner Child’s precious innocence, creative spark, trust, safety and joy alive!

Inner Child Healing Webinar includes Training presentation, interactive Q&A, and guided Quantum Access Protocols and Activations. Webinar duration 2.5 hours.



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